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[Fic Recs] Hikaru no Go

Hmm, I think I should note that my fic recs are actually a way for me to remember great fics I've read, whether they be old or new, so a majority of all the stories I rec will probably have been recced somewhere already by now...

Drunken Promise by issen4 - This is the first in a series that involves Hikaru getting drunk with Kuwabara.  I love this series!

When He Sees It by thehoyden - Shindou/Touya, the author labels this NC-17, but I don't think it's that  graphic at all.

Bloodstone by Nataku - Vampire!Hikaru fic!

The Rumour Mill by harukami - Akira/Hikaru, The author labels this as NSFW but it's not really graphic at all. 

A Whole New Apocalypse by bookshop - Akira/Hikaru, PG-13 (Yay, a rec for a fic that not over an R rating)

Untitled by bookshop - Akira/Hikaru, totally work safe