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Fic Rec [Ouran Host Club/Death Note]

Okay, here's a quick fic rec of an Ouran Host Club/Death Note crossover.  No, you read right.  OURAN HOST CLUB and DEATH NOTE crossover.   Seriously, it's crackily good.

Title: If anyone has one, I'll happily take it. Currently Ouran/Death Note Crossover - REAL ORIGINAL, BEK.
Author: princess_dexter
Series: Ouran/Death Note
Length: 2660 words.
Rating/warnings: PG? No spoilers for either series.
Characters: Haruhi, Ryuk, Ouran ensemble.
Summary: Haruhi finds a notebook. Problems ensue.

Title: Starting the day off right
Rating: K
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 10-squared, baby
#86 [breakfast] for[info]ichi_ruki





Fic Rec [Hikaru no Go]

Just a quick rec of a story that shows that sometimes Ogata can be portrayed as something other then a pedophile...

Questions, Some Answers - Ogata and Ichikawa

I kinda like Ogata for some reason.  I think his snarkiness and his whole attitude intrigues me.  I do agree that in certain situations though, this guy could become a very, very bad man indeed...

Actually, while I'm recing an Ogata fic, I might as well rec another, called Finding Seiji.  I don't quite agree with Hikaru's characterization in the story but I enjoyed the interaction between him and Ogata none the less. There's also another connected oneshot, which you can find on the author's profile page. Oh, and this story isn't necessarily shounen-ai, though I guess if you wanted too, you could take it that way...

EDIT: While I'm at it, let me rec one more thing, a short series about Ogata and Hikaru called The Relative Value of Things. Quick warning that this is NC-17 and really, really not work safe. Hey, at least Hikaru's 18 in this series and isn't jailbait...lots of sex, some minor angsting, and some majorly funny musings from Ogata...

Happy New Year!

As a treat, here's a story that I have been working on for the past year or so. Stay tuned for another oneshot coming out probably sometime next week.

Title: Fields of Gold
NaruSakuSasu, NaruSasu


Fic recs [One Piece]

[info]zauberer_sirin writes tons of fic, anime, real life, and television, all of it great (her Eyeshield 21 stuff is fabulous!). I love her One Piece works because I love the ships she sails--Luffy/Nami (I'm a huge Luffy/Nami fan), Zoro/Tashigi, & Sanji/Robin.

we got the dreamer's disease - Zoro/Tashigi

how the legends live - Luffy/Nami (mentions of Usopp/Kaya and Sanji/Robin)

ode to the gentleman and the secret lovers - Luffy/Nami established relationship, tiny hints of Sanji/Robin you can totally ignore if you want

Although I love the het pairings, I do have to admit I have a soft spot for Zoro/Sanji because of [info]peroxidepest17. Celeste writes tons of great fic as well, for all sorts of fandoms (love her Bleach stuff). These are just a few of her One Piece offerings...

Courtship Rituals - Zoro/Sanji

Thirteen Going on Fourteen - Zoro/Sanji, crossover with Bleach

Cop a Feel - Luffy, Nami, Sanji, & Zoro

Prison Politics - Zoro, Sanji, lightly Zoro/Sanji

Letters Home -
vague hints of Luffy + Nami, Zoro/Sanji, Nojiko, and the appearance of most of the rest of the crew too.
So you lucky, lucky readers get the latest chapter of Come What May.  And they say Friday the 13th was unlucky...



Oh and please check out some wallpaper that Darkest Melody created for me, inspired by this fic... I feel so happy that someone actually liked my fic enough to create something for me...^_^

Title: The Best Part
Rating: T
Genre: Rom
Warnings/Spoilers: Nothing really. Things are implied but nothing graphic.
Theme: #89 [afterglow] for ichi_ruki

It’s really no surprise to Ichigo that her favorite position is when she’s on top.Collapse )

Hehhehheh, yup, been reading too much shoujou mangas lately...

Man, it's been a while since I actually posted anything. And I was having such a time with this. I have been writing though...just not finishing. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things. ^_^


Gokusen Live Action Graduation Special

Okay, so I finally got the chance to watch the Gokusen Graduation Special last night and all I can think is wtf were the writers smoking when they decided that Shin-chan was to go to Africa to help build schools? For free? For only meals? What about shelter too?  But seriously!  The ending of the first season had Shin declaring that he had a thing for Yankumi and that he was going to pursue her.  With this in mind I was hoping for a little of that to show up.  I mean, I didn't expect declarations of love and marriage but I was hoping for him to tell Yankumi something vague about going off to become a man or about her waiting for him and then walking away with her being completely cluless and then following him while whining about not getting it.  Is that too much to ask for?  Geez!  Stupid writers...  Oh well I guess that's what we have  mklutz and fanfiction for...^_^

Title: Miles to go Before I Sleep
Day/Theme: February 12/“the chrysanthemum promise” for 31_days
Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Sasuke
Rating: G

  The most misunderstood thing about Sasuke is not that he lives his life for vengenance...Collapse )


Hmm, depending on which archiving site you read this at, it's either Chapter 11 or Chapter 12 of Come What May.  I know a lot of people were anxious for this next installment, so please enjoy.



Title: Always With Me
Day/Theme: January 6 / Valsa de Eurydice / Samba de Orfeu (Waltz of Eurydice / Samba of Orpheus) for 31_days
Series: Spirited Away
Character/Pairing: Chihiro, Haku/Chihiro
Rating: G

Chihiro is almost positive that her new house is haunted, except for the fact that she’s also almost positive that ghosts do not exist...Collapse )

Fic recs from 31_days

Okay seriously, 31_days totally rawks hard. The stuff people post daily just blows my mind. These 5 recs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great fiction posted to that community. Please check it out if you haven't.

Title: Borderline
Theme: August 26 / Souls are like armed battalions
Series: Bleach/xxxHOLiC
Characters: Yuuko, Rukia, Renji, Ichigo, Urahara
Rating: PG to PG13-ish.

One Piece
Title: born to be pirates
Date/Theme: September 1 / Here we are
Series: One Piece
Character/Pairing: Colonel Smoker
Rating: G

Title: It is the Lark
Day/Theme: September 1 / Here we are
Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Sakura/Kakashi
Rating: PG

Title: The Naming of the Horror
Day/Theme: September 24 / Almost gothic
Series: Gokusen (manga)
Characters: Yankumi, Class 3-4
Warnings: Lovecraftian pretensions
Summary: Far beneath Shirokin High School, a horror lurks.... (or: Yankumi meets Lovecraft)

Title: Longevity
Day/Theme: December 5 / The boy born with no father
Series: Original
Character/Pairing: No pairings
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Pseudo-orientalist myth, all made up on the spot.

Title: And This is Love
Series: Naruto
Character/Pairing: Sakura/Sasuke/Naruto
Rating: PG

  Three is only a crowd if the company is unwanted...Collapse )


Title: Clearing the Air
Rating: G
Set before the Soul Society arc
: #78 [sister complex] for ichi_ruki

  Let's get one thing straightCollapse )


Title: Terms of Endearment
Day/Theme: November 6/”Notes on the revelation of an unknown dissident” for 31_days
Series: Eyeshield 21
Character/Pairing: Hiruma/Mamori
Rating: T (for language)

Terms of EndearmentCollapse )