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...long ago, in someone else's story...

(the story is, the girl is me)

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25 September 1980
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For the most part, this is my writing journal which is mostly fanfiction because I'm a dork. However there is hope--turns out there's a lot of us dorks out there...I don't feel so alone anymore. XD I also will randomly post about stuff I read or watch or even some recs for works I think are great. I don't think this journal will be getting emo so that's lucky for the readers I suppose. If you want emo, go find a badly written Sasuke fic.

One more thing, though my RL friends might not believe it, I'm actually quite shy until I get to know [insert generic you]. I am friendly though, and I don't mind people starting conversations with me or friending me either. In fact, those types of thing makes me feel special, and not riding in the short bus kind of special, but in the warm and fuzzy feeling kind of way, so please feel free to do so. ^_^

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